A Florida driver's license is valid for 8 years and expires at midnight on the licensee's birthday following the 8th anniversary of the license's issue date. Now that you've noticed that your expiration date is near (or passed) you need to renew your license!

If you are a U.S. citizen or immigrant that has been issued a Florida license since 2002, you can renew your license online, in person, or through the mail.

Online license renewal

You can choose to renew your license online, as long as the last time you renewed, you did so in person.

  1. Click here to visit GoRenew.com to begin the process.
  2. Be prepared to provide proof of identification, social security number and residential address.
  3. Pay the fee.

The fee to renew a Class E license is $48. However, if you are renewing an expired license, there is a $15 delinquency fee bringing the renewal cost to $63.

In-Person Renewal

Find your nearest driver's license office.

  1. Using the link above, you can make an appointment prior to your visit to the office to reduce your waiting time.
  2. Bring the appropriate documentation. Remember, you need 1 document to prove your identity, 1 document to prove your social security number and 2 documents to prove your residence.
  3. Payment for the renewal ($48)

See a complete list of acceptable identification documents.

By Mail

If you are eligible to renew via mail, the state will send you a renewal application approximately 45 days before your birthday.

Special Circumstances

License Suspensions

Drivers who have had any moving violation convictions within the last three years preceding the renewal or who have had their license suspended are required to take a written and/or driving test.

License Expirations

Licenses that have been expired for over a year must be renewed in person. Remember that when renewing an expired license, there is a $15 delinquency fee in addition to the $48 renewal fee.

Older Drivers

Drivers that are 80 years old or over are required to pass a vision test before they can renew their license. Licenses are valid for 6 years from the renewal date.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Non-U.S. Citizens can renew their Florida driver's license by visiting a local DMV office and providing proof of legal presence which can include:

  • Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551)
  • I-551 stamp on your passport
  • I-94 form/number
  • Immigration judge's order with your A-number

Out-of-State Military

Military personnel that are stationed outside of Florida can choose to renew their license (up to 18 months in advance) or apply for an extension. If your last renewal was done in person, you are a U.S. citizen, your license has not been suspended, canceled or revoked, and you are not renewing a commercial driver's license, you can click here to request a mail-in renewal packet (select “Military Personnel – Need Florida License”). Alternatively, you can renew your driver's license online.