The "Sunshine State" is a great place to ride motorcycles, year round. However, before you are allowed to ride a motorcycle, you must be properly licensed to do so. Anyone found to be driving a motorcycle without a motorcycle endorsement is violating the law. Nobody under the age of 16 is authorized to operate a motorcycle or moped. Click here to learn about teen motorcycle endorsements.

Riding Without a Motorcycle Endorsement

If you drive a motorcycle without the appropriate motorcycle endorsement, you can face a $500 fine, up to 6 months of probation, and may have to spend up to 60 days in jail. If you have a clean driving record and receive a motorcycle endorsement before your court date, you may be able to get the charges dismissed. However, the court costs you will have to pay can still be several hundred dollars.

How to Get a Motorcycle Endorsement

Before you can receive a motorcycle endorsement, you should review the motorcycle manual.

You will be required to take the Florida Rider Training Program before being given the endorsement.

Upon completion of the course, you should visit a DMV or tax collector office in order to have a new license issued with the endorsement. If you are getting a license for the first time and wish to have a motorcycle endorsement added, you will need to go through the adult driver license process in addition to taking the Florida Rider Training program. Upon completing all of the requirements, you will be able to show proof of completion and proof of identification in order to receive a license with the motorcycle endorsement.