Auto Club Benefits

Although you might do everything you can in order to keep your car in good shape, sometimes a vehicle breakdown is inevitable. When you’re on the roads and you experience a serious malfunction, it can be a stressful ordeal, especially if it’s late and you need your car towed.

The Benefits of Joining

Roadside assistance motor clubs are purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. In the event of a breakdown, being a part of a roadside assistance program can reduce your burden tremendously. Various motor clubs offer different benefits to their members, but most include:

  • Free towing to the nearest repair shop (the mileage will be specified by the club)
  • Free gallon of gas if you run out
  • Battery jump
  • Replacing a flat tire with your spare
  • Vehicle lockout services

Some roadside assistance clubs offer additional services with your membership or with an additional fee such as:

  • Guaranteeing that assistance will arrive by a certain time after dispatch
  • Covering meals and lodging in the event that your vehicle needs service when it’s over 100 miles from home
  • Extrication and winching services to help unstick your car if it is stuck in mud, sand or snow

How It Works

Joining a roadside assistance program isn’t a substitute for taking good care of your car, it is simply there to ensure that in the event of an emergency, you have an efficient, stress-free method to handle it. With your membership, help is a phone call away, and you won’t have to pay for the help you receive because it is included in your membership. Depending on the motor club you choose to use, you can save even more money due to their retail discounts, as well as maintenance and car insurance discounts.